Indian Baby Food Recipes

Organic Jaggery

Once the baby is above 10 months old you can add a bit of salt/ jaggery for taste at this stage. You can also start using milk ( formula or cow's milk ) in the recipes. The porridges we made for the baby when he was between 6 - 10 months, like rice, ragi, semolina, oats, sabudana, etc. can be made by replacing water with an equal quantity of milk and adding a little jaggery as sweetener. However, please consult your doctor before introducing these new ingredients.

Please try to use organic jaggery to prepare baby's food. This jaggery is made from sugarcane that was organically grown, so it's free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Also, while preparing organic jaggery when the sugarcane juice was being concentrated no harmful chemicals (like sulphur compounds) were added to harden it or sweeten it in any way. When in doubt, you can test the jaggery by boiling it in a little bit of water. If it's clean, no yellow froth will appear on the surface.

Commercially available jaggery cubes which have a white & light brown mixed appearance, could be adulterated with sugar. It's advisable to always test the jaggery before using it in any preparations for the baby.