Indian Baby Food Recipes


I am a software engineer by education and a chef by passion. After working for 6 years in the IT industry I turned a home maker. With two kids, I spend most of my time creating new dishes for them.....tricking nutrition into their food, in disguise sometimes.

I have authored a baby food cook book called 60 great baby food recipes. It is a collection of dishes perfect for babies in the age group of 6-24 months. After my struggle and confusion in introducing solids to my babies I put this book together for other moms like me. The recipes have been written with the help of pediatricians and nutritionists to ensure perfection.

Besides cooking, I enjoy photography and blogging. I love to take holidays every once in a way and run away to some place where I can learn a local cuisine. I also like watching plays, doing craft work with my kids and chatting with friends over a cup of tea.