Indian Baby Food Recipes

above 12 months

25 Apr 2015

Homemade Paneer

Although paneer or cottage cheese is readily available in the market today, it's advisable to make paneer at home for your baby. Paneer is a milk product that gets spoilt easily in heat. During summer months when it's being delivered to stores or when there are power cuts, the heat could ruin it. Spoilt paneer in turn causes stomach infection. Hence, fresh homemade paneer is the best and so is curd or any other milk product.

07 Nov 2013

Sprouts Bhel

The vitamins, minerals and protein content of green moong dal can be substantially increased by sprouting. Although sprouts are best eaten raw, here we blanch the sprouts for a few minutes in boiling water so it's easy for the baby to swallow. When mixed with finely chopped salad, it serves as a nutritious and filling breakfast.