Indian Baby Food Recipes

6-7 months

10 Sep 2014

Instant Khichdi Mix (for travelling)

instant khichdi
This mix is handy while travelling with a little baby. Once steamed, it has a texture like that of idly. You can carry an electric cooker, plug it in your hotel room and steam the Instant khichdi mix. That way you can quickly have the baby's lunch ready in the comfort of your room. Please try feeding your baby this dish once or twice before you leave on your journey otherwise you might find it difficult in a new place if he rejects it.

01 Sep 2014

Ragi Porridge

ragi powder
Ragi or finger millet is rich in calcium, iron and protein. Besides being nutritious it's also gluten-free, making it an ideal choice for weaning food. It is a popular grain widely eaten in parts of rural Karnataka. Ragi has higher amount of fiber than other millet varieties. This makes the glycemic index of ragi low, which means, it helps in maintaining the blood sugar level.

17 Apr 2014

Brown rice for babies

brown rice

Rice is usually introduced to babies in the form of rice porridge at the age of 6 months. Rice is a perfect choice while introducing solids as it does not contain gluten. That eliminates the risk of gluten allergy. It is also an excellent source of carbohydrates.

While choosing rice for making baby food it is a great idea to select brown rice over the refined, white varieties. The reason behind this is that brown rice is only partially milled. The husk is removed whereas the bran and germ layers are intact making it rich in dietary fiber and manganese. It also contains selenium, magnesium, protein and a wide range of vitamins. The high fiber in Brown rice makes the stomach feel full in lesser quantity of rice. It also adds bulk to the stool aiding regular bowel cycles.

09 Nov 2013

Apple Sauce

apple sauce
Apple sauce or Applesauce is a puree made of apples. It contains pectin which tends to make stools firm. Hence it’s effective in reducing loose motions. Apple once chopped starts turning brown in contact with air. To delay browning you can soak the pieces in some water (actually, lime water is more effective but we don’t want to make the apples sour for the baby).