Indian Baby Food Recipes

10-12 months

25 Jan 2014

Organic Jaggery

Once the baby is above 10 months old you can add a bit of salt/ jaggery for taste at this stage. You can also start using milk ( formula or cow's milk ) in the recipes. The porridges we made for the baby when he was between 6 - 10 months, like rice, ragi, semolina, oats, sabudana, etc. can be made by replacing water with an equal quantity of milk and adding a little jaggery as sweetener. However, please consult your doctor before introducing these new ingredients.

19 Dec 2013

Sprouted Dalia Kheer

Sprouted broken wheat appears as dry short granules of wheat. It's commonly available in organic food stores. It's a healthier option as compared to plain broken wheat (dalia in Hindi). You can also try to sprout wheat grains yourself. This takes about 2-3 days along with some effort in changing the water from time to time. However, freshly sprouted wheat is a far healthier option. Once wheat germinates, grind it and roast the paste in ghee till it's dry. Add boiled milk and follow the rest of the procedure in the same manner as given below. If you grind the wheat germs fine and don't thicken the milk too much it can also be had as a healthy drink, not only for babies but also for adults. Please remember that whatever quantity of wheat seeds you take it will swell to four times on germinating.

06 Nov 2013

Moong Chaat

Once moong dal is soaked and boiled, it serves as a great pick-n-eat dish for the baby. Gently mash each grain between your fingers and place it in front of the baby to eat on his own. If your baby (like mine) loves to put everything in the mouth this is definitely going to be a treat. You just need to ensure that he doesn't stuff too many at once. If your baby isn't able to eat on his own, it's really ok. You can mash and feed him the grains as well. Its just that allowing him to eat himself is helpful in making him independent.

03 Nov 2013

Aata Halwa

This soft mash made out of roasted whole wheat flour is not only delicious but also easy to swallow. You can mold interesting shapes out of this halwa to attract the baby's attention.